Personal Information and Privacy

Your personal information is protected by law, including under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Personal information includes your name, date of birth, contact details, work and study history, and details of your personal circumstances.

Your personal information will be collected by the Entrepreneurship Facilitator (Facilitator) on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the Department) for the purposes of administering the Entrepreneurship Facilitators program and providing you with appropriate support and services, including:

  • delivering tailored supports and services to you to assist you to start or run your own business
  • evaluating and monitoring the programs and services provided to you by the Department and your Facilitator
  • contacting you about your participation in the Entrepreneurship Facilitators program
  • helping you to resolve complaints raised by you or your Facilitator and;
  • involving you in surveys conducted by the Department or on behalf of the Department.

If you choose not to provide your personal information, the Department and/or the Facilitator may not be able to provide you with suitable services.

Your personal information may be collected from and given to third parties for the purpose of providing you with appropriate support and services. This may include the Department’s contracted service providers and other agencies involved with the administration or provision of support services such as other Commonwealth agencies, State and Territory Government agencies and relevant local government bodies. In addition, your personal information may be shared with other parties delivering services to you, such as mentoring networks, training institutions or nonvocational service providers.

Your personal information may also be used by the Department or given to other parties where you have agreed, or where it is otherwise permitted, including where it is required or authorised by or under an Australian law, such as social security law, a court or tribunal order, or where a duty of care exists.

More Information

The Department’s Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) contains more information about how the Department will manage your personal information, including information about how you can access your own personal information held by the Department or request for it to be corrected. The Privacy Policy also explains how you can lodge a complaint about a breach of the APPs and how the Department will deal with that complaint. You can ask your Facilitator for a copy of the Privacy Policy or you can access the Privacy Policy yourself by visiting the Department’s website at

Agreement to the collection of sensitive information

In order to provide you with appropriate services and support, your Facilitator may also collect sensitive information, which is a type of personal information. Sensitive information may include details of your cultural or linguistic background, medical information and membership of a professional or trade association.

Complaints and/or Feedback

If you have any feedback or would like to lodge a complaint about Entrepreneurship Facilitators Service and/or our staff, please contact Regional Business HQ on 1300 249 482 in the first instance so that we can discuss your concerns. Often, it is through this initial discussion that an issue may be able to be resolved. If, however, you would still like to lodge a written complaint, your concerns will be addressed in a timely, fair and transparent manner. All complaints will be handled promptly and confidentially.

If you decide to lodge a written complaint, please assist us to best manage your concerns by:

  • clearly identifying the different issues that you wish to complain about
  • providing as much detail as possible regarding each of your identified issues
  • outlining very clearly what outcome you are seeking for each of the identified issues
  • providing us with any updates and new developments regarding each of the issues raised, and
  • delivering your complaint in a clear and non-threatening manner.

To lodge a formal complaint, please send a detailed email to: