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Thinking about starting your own business?

Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Wide Bay-Burnett region can now receive practical assistance and support through a team of local Entrepreneurship Facilitators. Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide a free service funded by the Australian Government to encourage people to start their own business and create opportunities for self-employment. 

How can an Entrepreneurship Facilitator help?

You can receive support ranging from general advice about starting and running a business to tailored mentoring and assistance. Helping people understand what is required to start or grow a small business, develop a marketing strategy, understand cash flow and develop a budget are just some of the services that facilitators can offer.

Who can get support from an Entrepreneurship Facilitator?

Anyone considering entrepreneurship or self-employment in an area where there is an Entrepreneurship Facilitator can access this service. In particular, the team encourages entrepreneurship among mature age Australians, especially those at risk of losing their job due to changes in the economy.

Where are Entrepreneurship Facilitators located?

If you live in Bundaberg, the Fraser Coast, North or South Burnett, the Gympie region, Cherbourg or another area close by, the team can provide assistance. Contact them to discuss the support they can provide.

What does it cost?

The Entrepreneurship Facilitators service is an initiative funded by the Australian Government. That means for you it’s FREE.