8 questions to ask yourself if starting a business is right for you!

22 July 2021

Starting a business is a time when you can begin to put your hopes and dreams into action.

Success in business is highly individual. For some it is wealth and prestige, for others it is fulfilling a personal desire or need and others may have entirely different and highly individual definitions.

However, there are some underpinning questions which can help you tell if starting a business is going to be a positive step in your life and whether you are ready to begin this journey:

  1. You know your WHY – understanding your “WHY” or purpose for embarking on the business journey, and what drives and motivates you will help you overcome challenges and hurdles in the future
  2. Do you have a strong sense of purpose? This will help drive you and keep you moving forward in your business
  3. Do you have a strong passion about your business and the industry you will be working in?
  4. Are you tenacious – never falter or give up no matter what the challenge?
  5. Are you resourceful – do you know how to get what you want, when you want it!
  6. Do you take risks? How do you weigh up decisions? When do you determine that the risk is too high?
  7. Are you highly motivated – are you driven to achieve your goals
  8. Do you have an amazing support network and brains trust to help you through the challenges? Do you have the confidence in yourself and your abilities and the strength of your ideas?

If you answer yes to these questions, then maybe now is the time to take the leap. If you want help on your journey into starting your own business, contact our Business LEAP team for a free business consultation and mentoring program.

Lynne Wilbraham, Entrepreneurship Facilitator in Gympie

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